What Exactly is Digital Innovation Strategy?

In today's era, business agility, resiliency, and productivity are the most crucial factors in determining the success of any enterprise. Enterprises must change and innovate their business to successfully undergo digital transformation and survive in this disruptive era. To be able to improve business continuity and resiliency, enterprises should implement a digital innovation strategy.

“Digital innovation strategy can be defined as a strategy for a business to reposition itself in the digital economy.”

It is a form of strategic development in business model and process which will change the market and create new value for customers. Due to today's advancements, customer habits and needs have changed and thus, business operations and models must also change. Enterprises must innovate, change operating and business models, and take advantage of emerging technologies.

More than Just Technology

Digital transformation has always been identical with technology. Enterprises that refuse to incorporate technology into their business process are at risk of being outclassed by their more tech-savvy competitors. However, undergoing a digital transformation is more than just simply adopting new technology, investing in fancy gadgets, or upgrading current systems. Technology doesn’t provide value to businesses, except for technology in products. If enterprises want to remain competitive in this digital transformation era, they need to drive innovation by themselves and not only rely on the new technology.

The balance of the technology implementation, business models, people, and business process should be considered so that enterprises are able to achieve digital maturity which will lead to a successful digital transformation. This is where digital innovation strategy plays a crucial role for enterprises. Digital innovation strategy is more about the strategy than the technology. Enterprises can create new technology, but without understanding the purpose of it, and how it contributes to the enterprise's growth and goals, it has no real value to the enterprise. In addition, it is important to remember that technology is just a tool that help enterprises accomplish their goals, but digital innovation strategy is the one which decides whether enterprises will be able to accomplish the goals or not.

“The presence of digital innovation strategy enables enterprises generating their business and value growth.”

As customers habits and needs have changed, business should also customize their operations and processes to satisfy their customers. Enterprises that do not understand the processes and operations that are needed in this digital era cannot identify their business priorities. Additionally, enterprises also need good data and resources to form their decisions so they can take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks. Enterprises also need the agility to execute those strategic decisions with speed and precision. Otherwise, the competition will go above and beyond you.

The sales field is constantly changing, and it's important to continue education so that you can take advantage of new advances. As a sales champion, you should understand that knowledge is power and be keen on learning new ways of doing sales. Top salespeople make this a priority, and so should you.


To sum up, by understanding and knowing these crucial step, not only you could be sales champion, but you can also keep the business operations running smoothly which could improve overall organizational efficiency and productivity.

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