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Our selected and curated insights will help you to enhance your understanding, improve your performance, widen your knowledge, and transform your business in end-to-end Business and Management phases.
Dive Into Benefit Realization Management | Multimatics

Maximizing business value should be done in overall organization aspects. Benefit Realization Management enables organizations to integrate all the resources and manage effectively.

Project Portfolio Management to Clarify Business Objectives

When there are too much projects to handle with limited resources to work on with, organizations need to have project portfolio management to prioritize ongoing tasks and monitor progress better

Disciplined Agile: A Solid Foundation for Business Agility

Disciplined Agile (DA) is a framework that helps organizations streamline their processes by showing how IT operations, enterprise architecture, and many others can work together to achieve business agility.

Visual Management: Streamlining Your Business for Maximum Efficiency

Based on a research by 3M, visual information are faster and easier to process than text. Therefore, visual management is effective for work management.

Get to Know About Disciplined Agile!

Disciplined Agile (DA) is a framework for making process decisions that prioritizes people over processes and provides teams with only little advice in order to help them...

Design and Estimate a Better Sprint with Planning Poker!

The increasing capacity of modern business environment encourages organization to develop efficient strategy for their product development. It is important for product development team

Leading Through Uncertainty: 5 Strategies for Digital Transformation Leaders

The constantly changing business environment requires constant knowledge development and learning to sustain among other competitors. Therefore, leaders in the digital era plays pivotal role in driving the organization...

More Effective Business Delivery with Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is a method used to manage numerous projects that are currently being carried out in an organization, offering standardized procedures designed...

Design Thinking for Startup: Combat the Uncertainty for Continuous Innovation

In the midst of uncertainty and changes, startup companies face many challenges and threat to uphold their business environment. Therefore, implementing design thinking can accelerate the process of creating innovative products and services, as wel as enhance high-quality customer experience with systematic problem-solving approach. Design thinking is a valuable methodoly for startup since it focuses more on human-centered perspectives.

Immersive Customer Experience: A Business Trend to Watch in 2023

Immersive customer experience refers to a multisensory experience that spans a journey and is contextually...

“Future-Ready” Organizations: Enhancing Digital Operations for Significant Business Growth

While being dynamically changes, organizations are forced to adapt and align with arising innovation. Being resilient and productive is no longer put them into the competition. Being future ready organizations are needed to optimize business performance and win the market.

Recruiting the Right Future-Ready Talents for Digital Enterprise

Enterprises are investing huge amounts of money in new technology and infrastructure as they undergo a digital transformation, and talents hold the key to realizing the benefits of these investments.

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