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Our selected and curated insights will help you to enhance your understanding, improve your performance, widen your knowledge, and transform your business in end-to-end Business and Management phases.
Be A Good Problem Solver with Problem Solving Skills!

Every business and every job role has its own set of issues. From entry-level hires to senior executives, they must have encountered problems that could not be solved with a quick Google search

What Is Penetration Testing (Pentest) and Why It Is Important for a Company?

Nowadays, the development of technology is getting faster than before. This makes a lot of companies finally decide to switch and transform towards digital, following the ...

Agile vs. Scrum: Key Differences and Similarities You Should Know

Agile is a collaborative and adaptable approach that teams use to complete tasks more efficiently. Agile enables teams to provide value to their customers more quickly. Project management methodologies...

Think Like a Designer! Follow These 6 Stages of Design Thinking

What is exactly design thinking? Design thinking is an approach used to solve problem by using more practical and creative solution. It can be applied to any field that is not related...

Creative Thinking is Important for Career Progress!

In this digital transformation era, employees are demanded to have creative thinking skill. It is because creativity inspires us to think outside the box. This capability is highly crucial for digital transformation initiatives...

One of The Most Popular Change Management Models: Lewin's Model

Change management drives the successful adoption and utilization of change in the business. It enables employees to understand, commit to, and work effectively during the change. Company transitions...

These 3 Key Types of Innovation are Crucial for Your Business

Innovations is the process by which an organization conceptualizes brand new products, processes, and ideas, or to approach current products, processes, and ideas in new way. Successful...

5 Major Reasons Why You Should Use Data Science to Power Up Your Business!

In this digital transformation era, data science has changed the growth of business. It is now possible to separate and organize specific predictive data...

5 Best Ways to Accelerate Business Process with Design Thinking

Design thinking is a problem-solving process that prioritizes the needs of the customers above anything else. It is based on observing how customers interact with their surroundings and using...

6 Steps to Implement ISMS For Your Business Case!

Creating a new Information Security Management System (ISMS) can be a big investment. However, the advantages of establishing a strong, effective, ISO 27001 compliant or certified ISMS far outweigh the...

Here's How Companies Achieved Agile Transformation!

The process of transforming a whole organization to a flexible, reactive approach based on agile principles is known as agile transformation. Adopting agile software development approaches isn’t agile...

Secret Recipes to Be a Good Leader in Digital Age

Empowering others to lead and forming self-organized teams that optimize day-to-day operations are the key aspects of digital leadership. Leadership is no longer hierarchical; it now requires everyone’s...

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