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Our selected and curated insights will help you to enhance your understanding, improve your performance, widen your knowledge, and transform your business in end-to-end Business and Management phases.
Dive Into Ambidextrous Leadership

Ambidextrous leadership is a leader's ability to manage disputes by comprehending the perspectives and expectations of their team members while navigating the tensions between exploration and exploitation.

4 Challenges of Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation. Companies Should be Ready!

Digital transformation era has brought new technology to further direction, bringing heavy amounts of internet usage and communication line to be conducted real-time as the operations are going greater....

Digitalization: Is It Necessary for Generating Competitive Advantage?

Digitalization is the transition to a digital business by using digital technologies to change business...

Transforming e-Business in Digital Transformation Era with Dynamic Capability

Dynamic capabilities are the firm's ability to integrate, build, and reconfigure internal and external resources/competences

These 4 Companies Implemented Successful Project Management! 5 Tips for a Successful Project Management Implementation

Successful project management is an invisible power that can reduce risks and prevent loss. Companies that implement...

Check How These 5 Companies Reach Success with Agile!

Agile is highly demanding for today’s organization, especially those who want to escalate their business performance and transform the operations. However, many also realize...

Digital Transformation in Food and Beverage Industry: How McDonald’s Embraces Customer Centricity in Their Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology which significantly alters how to do business and provide value to...

Get to Know: 6 Characteristics of Customer-centric Organizations

With the ever-changing business environment, many organizations are putting a higher level of competitiveness. In order to stay competitive and achieve...

How Customer Centricity Drives Digital Transformation in Banking

Customer centricity is knowing what customers desire in terms of product features and their interactions with businesses that are ingrained in business processes. Banks must focus...

How to Use Sentiment Analysis in the Digital Transformation Era?

Digitalization within a business enviroment brings the enhanced productivity and also better efficiency security, and convenience to transform the workforce, creating ...

Is Agile Still Relevant in Digital Transformation?

Agile is one of the best methods to accomplish digital transformation within a business as it enables to continuously adapt to shifting deliverables and scope. Agile offers...

Before You Adopt Agile Methodology, Read This First!

Many organizations want to implement Agile methodology and succeded in delivering adaptive workforce. However, many of them also failed because they didn’t fully understand...

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