Multimatics Digital Innovation Strategy Framework

Digital  Innovation

Driving digital success is impossible without aligning technologies with the right mindset and business values. Therefore, Multimatics Digital Innovation Strategy (MDIS) Framework was created to guide enterprises in transforming to the digital world. There are six domains that need to be prepared and nurtured so that digital transformation initiatives can be successfully implemented.

a. Customer

Customer is the foundation of any business' success growth. However, as the impact of digital transformation, business must prepare themselves in responding to dynamically changing customer needs. Therefore, this Customer domain of MDIS Framework will focus on the areas of Customer Analytics, Customer Experience, Design Thinking, and User Experience, in order to enable business provides more values to their customers, and thereby keep them loyal.

b. Digital Vision

Digital vision is essential as it paints a picture for the transformation the business wishes, and it foster understanding at all levels of the organization. This Digital Vision domain of MDIS Framework will help business in forming their digital vision through our Business Model, Organizational Change Management, and Digital Leadership programs.

c. Data Science

Data science can add value to any business who can utilize their data well. Business that can manage their data assets are able to use the data as a strategic weapon for digital transformation. Hence, this Data Science domain of MDIS Framework will help business in managing their data through Data-Driven Culture, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programs.

d. Cybersecurity

In this digital era, the risk of business being targeted by malware and other cybercrimes is higher. Thus, it is extremely important for business to increase their resilience to cyber-attacks for a safer digital transformation process. Hence, MDIS Framework presents Cybersecurity domain, in order to help business tighten their security through Information Security, Pentest & Incident Handling, ISMS, and ISO 27001 programs.

e. Business Agility

Nowadays, business needs to adjust to the new digital age to improve customer satisfaction and maintain their competitive advantage. Thus, this Business Agility domain of MDIS Framework provides innovative ways that deliver value to customers in faster and smarter manner through Agile Scrum, Agile Product Management, Agile Mindset and Culture, and Business Agility programs.

f. Innovation

To grow and enhance business, enterprises need to cultivate mindset and culture that enable innovative and creative thinking, which can eventually lead to disruptive new businesses and products. MDIS Framework presents Innovation domain to encourage enterprises implement innovation in their business through Innovation Culture, Creative Thinking Skills, Innovation Mapping, and Problem-Solving Skills programs.

Multimatics is at the forefront of industry's digital journey as we have established years of experience as the most reliable knowledge-partner. Ready to disrupt your competition? Navigate your digital journey with us!

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