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Digitalization: Is It Necessary for Generating Competitive Advantage?

Entrepreneurs are facing challenges from shifting customer demands, ongoing technology advancements, and growth of start-ups. Newcomers benefit from innovative business models, enabling them to get more competitive advantages and make a profit. On the other side, older companies confront the problem of adjusting to these changes or risk being replaced.

To address such challenges, digitalization is currently one of the latest technology trends. So, is digitalization really necessary for business?

What’s Digitalization?

Digitalization is the transition to a digital business by using digital technologies to change business model and offer new values to market. When transitioning, companies must convert their analog data to digital and make it easily accessible. It gives the capacity to provide information to the appropriate person at the appropriate time and place for more informed business decisions.

The objective of digitization is to make automation possible, improve data quality, and collect and organize all that data so that we may use advanced technology, including better and more intelligent software. Higher process efficiency, lower transaction costs, and improved control over corporate operations are the results of digitization.

What’s Competitive Advantage?

The term "competitive advantage" refers to a business' ability to manufacture products or provide services more effectively than its rivals. It enables a business to produce value for the business and its shareholders while achieving greater margins.

A competitive advantage is something unique to a business that cannot be easily imitated. Internally generated value is what differentiates the company from its rivals.

How Digitalization Generates Competitive Advantages

Ultimately, having competitive advantage enables you to achieve long-term success in today's competitive marketplace. Below are the advantages of digitalization in helping businesses generate competitive advantages!

1. Greater Solutions for Process Optimization

The most obvious example of how digitalization can generate competitive advantage is its ability to create solutions for efficiency improvement. For example, administrative tasks will be optimized by an AI-based program that converts voicemail into text, improving overall efficiency. Even basic digitization of sales discovery processes can save your time and money that can be better spent on customer relationship building.

2. Boost Workplace Productivity

Digitalization increases workplace efficiency by streamlining operations. Better performance will come about swiftly by optimizing and modernizing the workplace. The end result is an improved workflow that boosts employee productivity and lowers stress levels. The competitive advantage lies in what employees can accomplish in this sort of workspace.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Digitalization improves customer satisfaction and retention rates. The majority of your customer's daily activities are now handled by digital accelerators. Therefore, having a digital presence for your business enables you to communicate with them how and when they need your service. Adopting big data can also assist you in getting to know your customers better and providing them with appropriate products and services.

4. New Business Perspectives

Digitalization can help your company take advantage of previously impossible opportunities by removing constraints like time and distance. Through digitalization, you make it possible to find new partners and international markets. Successful digitalization can provide a progressive image that positions it as a leading force in the industry today and into the future


Digitalization helps businesses generate and optimize their competitive advantage. Through leveraging the digital technologies, which boost employee productivity and decrease costs—businesses can operate more efficiently while providing excellent customer service.


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