Creative Thinking is Important for Career Progress!
Dr. Agus Setiawan

PhD Graduate and result-oriented Director with 25 years experience with involvement in all levels of Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Managing Project and Product Development. Aside of managing a company, he is also the best corporate trainer and public speaker in seminar and conference.

Creative Thinking is Important for Career Progress!

In this digital transformation era, employees are demanded to have creative thinking skill. It is because creativity inspires us to think outside the box. This capability is highly crucial for digital transformation initiatives that require cultural changes, including changes in assumptions and an embrace of new ways of thinking.

IBM held a study which involved 1,500 corporate heads and public sector leaders across 60 nations and 33 industries. They were asked what drives them in managing their companies in today’s world. The result of the study showed that 60% of the CEOs chose creativity as the most important leadership quality. This proves that having creative thinking skill is highly crucial for employees, especially for their career progress.

Creative thinking describes as producing new ways to perform tasks, solve problems, and meet challenges. It means bringing a fresh, and sometimes uncommon, perspective to the workplace. This way of thinking can help employees to be more productive.

Creative thinking can be expressed in many ways. Therefore, here are some ways creative thinking are expressed in the workplace!

1. Analysis

This type of creative thinking requires the ability to examine things carefully to find out their meaning. This can be done by looking at a text, a data set, a lesson plan, or an equation, or any resources that need to be analyzed first in order to fully understand.

2. Open-Mindedness

In order to be able to think creatively, employees need to keep any assumptions or biases they have by themselves and look at things in completely new perspectives. Open-mindedness allows employees to think creatively when finding solution to a particular problem.

3. Problem-Solving

Companies surely want their employees to be able to solve work-related problem in more creative ways. When facing the problems, think of some ways that have a possibility to solve the problem before asking for help. If you need some feedback or input from your superiors, it would be better if you can suggest solutions rather than just presenting problems.

4. Organization

As a fact, organization is actually an important part of creativity. You might get a bit messy when finding out new ideas, but the ideas should be organized in a right order so that people can understand them and follow through with your vision.

5. Communication

In order for the ideas to be actualized according to plan, employees need to be able to communicate the ideas effectively; otherwise, there will be misunderstanding in actualizing the ideas. In addition to communication skill, employees should be able to be a good listener. It is because you might come up with a unique and creative solution by after successfully understood what your interlocutors have said.

In today’s era, the digital transformation process that companies are going through is progressively changing the way they employ more advanced technologies and develop new digital business models. Companies that can give the most original and creative ides to the market can gain a huge competitive advantage.

Therefore, employers in all industries want employees who can think creatively and bring new perspectives to the workplace. So, let’s upgrade your creative thinking skill for your career progress with Multimatics!

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