Be A Good Problem Solver with Problem Solving Skills!

Be A Good Problem Solver with Problem Solving Skills!

Every business and every job role has its own set of issues. From entry-level hires to senior executives, they must have encountered problems that could not be solved with a quick Google search. As a result, problem-solving abilities are in high demand in the workplace, particularly in roles requiring dealing with complex business challenges, tight deadlines, and changing variables.

Problem solving is the act of defining a problem, determining the cause of the problem, identifying, prioritizing, selecting alternatives for a solution, and implementing a solution. Problem solving entails using logic and imagination to make sense of a situation and devise an intelligent solution.

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5 Critical Skills to be A Good Problem Solver

In order to be a good problem solver, you should master these 5 critical skills so that you will be able to resolve issues more effectively!

1. Analytical Ability – this skill relates to your understanding on how to collect data, articulate, analyze, and visualize data, solve complex problems, and make decisions.

2. Lateral Thinking – this skill requires you to look beyond the obvious and usual modes of thought, discard preconceptions, and use your inspiration and imagination to solve problems from unexpected perspectives.

3. Logical Reasoning – the implementation of this skill is that you ask important questions, gather and evaluate relevant information, reach well-reasoned conclusions while remaining open-minded. Later, you communicate your findings effectively to find solutions.

4. Initiative – having this skill means that you are able to take advantage of opportunities and the initiative to solve problems rather than delegating them to others. It may also entail anticipating potential problems and taking proactive steps to address them.

5. Persistence – this skill is strongly related to the ability to not only solve but also implement a solution. Persistence is often associated with perseverance.

IDEAL Method

What is IDEAL method? IDEAL method is one of the most popular and well-regarded problem-solving methods proposed by John D. Bransford and Barry S. Stein in their book The Ideal Problem Solver (1984). It is a tool to help you look at a situation objectively, identify the problem, explore possible solutions, and evaluate their effectiveness.

Let’s break down the IDEAL Method to help you understand better!

• I – Identify the Problem

There is no real way to create a solution to a problem unless you first understand its scope. Try to describe the problem in your own words. Outline the facts and unknowns.

• D – Define and Represent the Problem

Ask yourself the following questions: 'How is this problem affecting other people or other parts of the business?' What will happen if we don't solve it?'

• E – Explore Possible Strategies

Once you have a result, try to think of possible strategies. During this stage, all possible solutions should be on the table, so make lists, use sticky notes, or record voice memos to record any ideas.

• A – Act on the Strategies

After generating possible strategies, go over the potential steps and decide which one to use first. Inquire, "What might happen if you take this step?" or "Does that step make you feel confident or uncertain about moving forward?" The next step is to take action. Take action even if they don't know what the end result will be.

• L – Look Back and Learn

This is the stage at which you critically evaluate how things went and what could be done better the next time.

Listening, analyzing, researching, creativity, communication, teamwork, and decision making are all related to problem solving abilities. Problem-solving abilities assist you in determining why an issue occurs and how to resolve it.

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