What Is Penetration Testing (Pentest) and Why It Is Important for a Company?

What Is Penetration Testing (Pentest) and Why It Is Important for a Company?

Nowadays, the development of technology is getting faster than before. This makes a lot of companies finally decide to switch and transform towards digital, following the current trends and demand. As almost everything becomes digital, the chance of getting crimes is also increasing because cybercrimes don’t require big effort. Therefore, the web security systems or online applications that are made must have a good level of security to protect their important data.

Cybersecurity has always been a challenge over the years, and it will continue to be so in the coming years. The threat of frauds outwitting enterprises' defense mechanisms to maintain data privacy and security is expected to rise. However, many companies don’t realize that their system still has some weaknesses that can be a chance for irresponsible parties.

Adequate measures must be taken to address these concerns. This is where penetration testing comes in.

What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test, or a pentest, is a simulated cyber-attack on your computer system designed to detect exploitable vulnerabilities. The goal of penetration testing is to determine and identify attacks that can occur against system vulnerabilities, as well as to determine the business impact of exploits carried out by hackers.

Why Do Companies Need Penetration Testing?

As mentioned earlier, this digital era causes the increase of cybercrimes. Therefore, companies must take a measurement in order to prevent them being attacked by hackers – with penetration testing. Hence, here are 3 reasons why companies need penetration testing!

1. Improve System Security

The person doing the pentest will help companies find the weaknesses within the system. From that information, later the security system will be improved and upgraded according to the weaknesses found to avoid attacks from hackers.

2. Protect Company’s Important Data

By doing a pentest, a weak security system can be repaired and thus it will be stronger than before. This results in the improvement in data saving as the important data can be stored safely in a system.

3. Maintain Company's Good Reputation

The company’s good reputation in which has been built over years can change due to customers’ disappointment because of the company’s poor security systems. By doing pentest, companies can ensure that their security systems are in good condition and thus their good reputation can be maintained.

4. Act As a Prevention

Penetration testing can be utilized as an act of prevention for a company to find their weak points within their system before attackers find them. The pentester will find ways to dive into the network and immediately find the problems so that they can be fixed before attackers find them and cause major problems.

5. As A Security Training for Company’s IT Security Staffs

Penetration testing allows you to detect and respond to network attacks. Monitoring by the incident response team can be tested to see if they can figure out what happened and how effective their response was. The team will be familiarized with the network attacks and later they can fix the problems in a short amount of time.

In conclusion, penetration testing can help companies in gaining an understanding of your company's IT infrastructure's security credentials, and thus strengthen their cybersecurity. It gives companies a chance to respond the attacks before the companies suffer a lot of damages caused by them.

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