Secret Recipes to Be a Good Leader in Digital Age
Dr. Agus Setiawan

PhD Holder and result-oriented Director with 25 years experience with involvement in all levels of Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Managing Project and Product Development. Aside of managing a company, he is also the best corporate trainer and public speaker in seminar and conference.

Secret Recipes to Be a Good Leader in Digital Age

Empowering others to lead and forming self-organized teams that optimize day-to-day operations are the key aspects of digital leadership. Leadership is no longer hierarchical; it now requires everyone’s participation, commitment, and input.

But why is it important to be a digital leader? As a result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, today’s leaders must deal with enormous changes as well as an unpredictable and challenging future. According to McKinsey, new digital ecosystems might generate over $60 trillion in income by 2025.

Strong leadership is more important than ever in our dynamic world. In the face of these chaotic transformations, good leaders will need to steer their teams ahead and negotiate the tides.

Here are some key traits to be a good leader in the digital age!

Good communicator and nurturer

A successful modern leader possesses a number of key characteristics, based on Forbes' report on Google's Project Oxygen. One of these is encouraging and praising others, which they consider to be 'the most crucial aspect in coaching—even more than technical or strategic expertise'.

Leaders need to build an environment where people take ownership of things and are accountable.

Leaders can learn about how others feel through communication. Understanding others’ emotions allows leaders to see problems and resolve them, resulting in increased productivity and well-being among team members in the long run.

Increase staff engagement

Leadership in today's world is no longer hierarchical, instead it emphasizes employee empowerment and the formation of autonomous teams. A top-down approach is no longer effective because it makes people feel insignificant and undervalued.

Great things are possible when people are passionate about the activities they are performing and labour with their hearts and souls.

Leaders should enable their staff to make as many independent decisions as possible. Everyone on the team should be encouraged to contribute their unique ideas and knowledge to help the team realize its goals.

Provide clear purpose and visionary guidance

Leaders must explain to their teams the goals they are trying to achieve and why. One trait of a good leader is the ability to break down complex tasks into simple, doable steps that lead to the completion of the task.

Great leaders can interpret complication and give easy approaches to accomplishing a goal.

They must also maintain a close check on the development of these phases while distributing duties to their team members that are most suited to their abilities. Furthermore, leaders must exude an infectious positive energy that motivates people to join them in their mission.


Leadership abilities are the abilities to engage, encourage, and persuade others to support a vision, purpose, or aim. A leader, on the other hand, considers the long term, approaches strategically, understands the client, cultivates success through people, influences, and wins authority through behavior.

Leaders in digital age should be able to inspire, engage, and lead with clarity and optimism. They must concentrate on improving their communication skills, increasing team autonomy, and clearly defining their objectives.

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