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Dr. Agus Setiawan
Dr. Agus Setiawan

PhD Holder and result-oriented Director with 25 years experience with involvement in all levels of Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Managing Project and Product Development. Aside of managing a company, he is also the best corporate trainer and public speaker in seminar and conference.

Get to Know About Disciplined Agile!

Organizations today focus more on disruption and innovation due to the fast changing business environment. Therefore, business agility must be implemented throughout all functional areas. This is where disciplined agile plays a crucial role in business! Have you ever heard about “disciplined agile” before?

Disciplined Agile Defined

Disciplined Agile (DA) is a framework for making process decisions that prioritizes people over processes and provides teams with only little advice in order to help them tailor their operations to the particular requirements of each individual project. DA is intended to be a hybrid methodology that combines components of XP, Scrum , Kanban, and other approaches.

How Does Disciplined Agile Work?

DA is very much a tool kit used to determine the goals and tasks you should focus on within any given team. DA takes on four views:

  1. Mindset –DA builds on the principles of agile and lean to meet the enterprise realities.
  2. People –DA outlines the team structures, roles, and duties you need to have.
  3. Flow –DA uses lifecycle and workflow diagrams to describe processes.
  4. Practices –DA describes methods that help your team advance using straightforward goal diagrams.

Why Your Organization Should Use Disciplined Agile

  1. DA enables you to get better at getting better. DA focuses more on assisting you in becoming a learning organization than merely offering a list of "best practices" that might not be relevant to your situation.
  2. DA provides a solid foundation for enterprise agility. Regardless of the business function, individuals and teams can all benefit from clear instructions to simplify their procedures.
  3. DA starts where you are . If your organization currently uses Scrum, Kanban, or other widely accepted methodologies, DA demonstrates how to enhance and expand upon those frameworks.
  4. DA teaches you to become a learning organization. Being a learning organization that can continuously improve through experimentation and learning allows you to better serve your customers.

8 Principles of Disciplined Agile:

  1. Delight customers

    The first rule is all about exceeding customers' expectations and making an effort to impress them. This also applies to internal clients, in addition to external ones.

  2. Be awesome

    Being excellent is constantly aiming to be, do, and generate better. Creating an excellent workplace with awesome people and an awesome organization is all about that, to put it simply.

  3. Context matters

    This idea focuses on appreciating how different teams and processes are. Teams are required to identify the approaches that accurately reflect the context at hand while allowing for future context-specific evolution.

  4. Be pragmatic

    The concept of choice is about knowing and comprehending the trade-offs connected with the options a team has available. It builds on contextual and pragmatic work approaches

  5. Choice is good

    The principle of choice, which builds on contextual and pragmatic work approaches, is about being aware of and comprehending the trade-offs related to the options a team has available.

  6. Optimize flow

    This notion is all about streamlining the process to better serve the demands of the client. It includes operations at all levels, from the organizational level up to the value chain.

  7. Organize around products and services

    Teams must place their goods and services at the heart of their plans if they want to truly please their clients. They should concentrate on offering the finest products and services and use Agile project portfolio management techniques.

  8. Enterprise awareness

    Last but not least, each team should operate with enterprise awareness in mind. Every team acts in the organization's overall best interest.


All in all, instead of frameworks, true business agility comes from freedom. DA helps you find out more about your choices and directs you to take the best actions. DA shows you how to get better at getting better.

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