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Beware! These 5 Characteristics Will Fail Your Leadership!

Although it has always been a part of organizational culture, leadership is evolving due to the market changes in the digital era. Successful leaders should then be able to guide a business to success, increase team productivity, and establish a positive workplace culture to cope with the changes. A survey from Gartner (2022) revealed that 90% of more than 230 HR leaders believe that to succeed in today’s environment, leaders must focus on the human aspects of leadership. However, the most essential thing to build successful leadership is good leadership traits.

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What are the good leadership traits then?

Good Leadership Traits

Good leaders in the workplace must possess certain leadership traits. These characteristics enable you to lead individuals to success whether you are in charge of a team, a department, or an entire business.

Below are 5 common good leadership traits that a leader should possess!

  1. Collaborative

    To be successful, a leader's team must collaborate with their team members. It keeps both employees and managers informed about the company's goals and objectives.

  2. Accountable

    A good leader doesn’t blame his staff when a project is unsuccessful. Instead, they identify the primary reason for the failure and covertly begin to address the problem.

  3. Courageous

    A good leader can handle challenging situations on their own. He makes numerous decisions that initially look controversial but end up being a success, unfazed and unaffected.

  4. Problem Solving

    Having problem-solving skills allows teams to effectively overcome and solve challenges. They give leaders the ability to foresee problems and find solutions, increase productivity, promote creativity and innovation, foster collaboration, and manage risk.

  5. Decision Making

    Decision-making is a critical aspect of good leadership. Leaders with strong decision-making traits can navigate complex situations, weigh options, and choose the best course of action to achieve their objectives.

Good leadership traits are essential for leaders because they play a crucial role in determining the success of individuals, teams, and organizations. However, it’s also important to remember that understanding what causes leadership failure can help to know what qualities to search for and what to avoid.

5 Reasons Why Your Good Leadership Tends to Fail!

  1. Equipped with “YES” people

    Leaders who are surrounded by people who are reluctant to tell them the truth frequently make poor choices, waste resources, and fail to expand their organizations. This issue could be solved by hiring people who are not afraid of speaking up when they see something wrong that needs to be corrected.

  2. Overly confident about their ideas

    Before beginning a project or initiative, it’s best for leaders to share their concept with people and ask for input. Listen to others if they have a superior suggestion, even if it's not your own.

  3. Refuse to admit that they’re wrong

    Most leaders are scared that if they found our about their errors, they will come seen as inept or weak. When it’s not well-managed, people tend to do the same action, wasting time and money, and trying to solve something that should have been fixed a long time ago.

  4. Success goes unrecognized

    One of the biggest errors that leaders make is not appreciating successful employee. They may be afraid that if they rewarded successful employee, others will expect the same thing. s

  5. Unaware when it’s time to leave

    When leaders don't know when they’ve reached their limits, they will eventually reached the rock bottom that ends in failure. This can happen when leaders expect their business as indispensable and find it impossible to picture living without them.

Overall, good leadership traits are the foundation for building strong teams, achieving organizational goals, and creating a workplace where individuals can thrive and contribute their best efforts. Also, when a leader is dedicated to excel their growth and surrounds them with individuals with exceptional personality and are prepared to bring up hard issues when necessary, many leadership failures can be avoided or stopped.

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