5 CIO Traits to Drive Successful Digital Transformation
Agus Setiawan

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5 CIO Traits to Drive Successful Digital Transformation

Did You Know? The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for the company’s digital transformation process. CIOs must take initiatives and choose the strategy used to achieve digital transformation – keep innovating and re-evaluating ideas they have already implemented and discover new ways to accomplish the digital transformation goals.

What Do CIOs Do to Drive Digital Transformation?

As a CIO in the organization, they surely have several duties in order to ensure the success of the on-going digital transformation process. The following are some of the responsibilities that CIOs have to perform in their organizations.

  1. Working on the Bigger Picture: long-term projects require frequent resets to keep them from growing stagnant. Project segmentation has made it possible to deliver more value than if it had all been done at once.
  2. Driving Unfailing Transformation: CIOs must ensure that the Digital Transformation activities are unfailing by testing out new technologies that are helpful, getting feedback, and offering support whenever necessary.
  3. Managing Change Resistance: employee resistance can interfere with your digital transformation strategy. CIOs must be able to educate their employees about the perks of the changes while also motivating to embrace changes.
  4. Fortifying Network Security: changing the perception of security from an IT issue to a business concern is one of a CIO's primary challenges. CIOs must make sure that their business has a solid security foundation.

A CIO is ideally positioned to integrate strategy and technology to drive the process and deliver change swiftly even though digital transformation is an enterprise-wide business strategy. Therefore, CIOs must foresee digital possibilities and dangers, use technology to adapt to shifting circumstances, and capitalize on disruption. To become a CIO that drives successful digital transformation, these 5 traits need to be understood and embraced.

  1. Become a Neophiliac
  2. Neophiliacs are naturally inquisitive and drawn to new experiences. They are open to other perspectives from other people, which is a crucial element of any successful CIOs. Effective CIOs also embrace innovation. They frequently possess a high level of creativity, which is the capacity to make connections between seemingly unconnected things.

  3. Develop New Opportunities
  4. Effective CIOs are selective, strictly focusing on areas that offer a better advantage, acceleration, or value creation. In areas where they don’t perceive any distinct advantages, CIOs must be able to replicate and improvise based on established methods.

  5. Look Beyond Industry Boundaries
  6. Instead of viewing their sector as static or unchanging, effective CIOs recognize risks that aren't always distinct and make judgments while keeping a clear picture of its future. Plans for digital adoption and strategies are frequently created exclusively because of market disruption attitude.

  7. Never Consider Digital to Be the Outcome
  8. Effective CIOs are aware that going digital is merely a means to an end and doesn’t automatically raise something's value – it might even get worse. By extending a product's life cycle, including digital features, or offering goods as a service, digital technology tools either alter how people operate or alter the products and services offered.

  9. Focus on Technology-Driven Opportunities
  10. Effective CIOs have a thorough awareness of the technology supporting their company. If they don't know what technology does or doesn't do, it can be difficult to gain value out of it. CIOs must foster a technologically advanced atmosphere where education is fun, interactive, and personalized. They should be fascinated by technology as a hobby and as a necessity to stay creative and relevant.

In conclusion, digital transformation requires leaders to reinvent their approach, rather than simply respond or react to business requirements. Therefore, CIOSs being bold, constantly analyzing and evaluating business value, grasping the value that innovation offers, and being able to put it all together is what’s needed for a successful digital transformation.

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